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November 2017

English Language

English Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 239 – November 20th, 2017

1. Brazen Class : Adjective Meaning : bold and without shame.. Synonyms: bold, shameless Antonyms : shy, shameful Example Sentences David asked, hoping to make himself sound brazen as he returned the phone to his ear. No one at Wentworth was brazen enough to make a bold prediction. 2. Denounce Class : Verb Meaning :

General Knowledge

The Schools of Art in Ancient India | Art Schools in Ancient India – Gandhara, Mathura, Amaravati

  The Buddhism spread greatly during the first and second centuries, had spurred a renewed artistic passionate to illustrate the enlightened message of Buddhism. During this prolific time emerged three main “schools” in India that had developed their own particular styles and distinctions. These were the Gandhara, Mathura, and Amaravati schools. Gandhara School Period, Place

English Language

English Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 238 – November 16th, 2017

1. Despair Class : Noun Meaning : the complete loss or absence of hope. Synonyms: depression, heartbreak Antonyms : hope, happiness Example Sentences He lived for another 23 years but many of those were spent in despair and disappointment. Finally, never leave the examination hall in despair , however hopeless things may seem. 2. Raging

English Language

English Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 237 – November 15th, 2017

1. Imperative Class : Noun Meaning : an essential or urgent thing.. Synonyms: essential, necessary Antonyms : needless, unnecessary Example Sentences It is imperative this person or persons are brought to justice as quickly as possible. The protection of domestic agriculture must be recognised as a food security imperative . 2. Predicate Class : Verb

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Current Affairs

10 Must Know facts about Dying Telecom Industry In India

In this session on Financial Awareness we are going to see a topic which requires much needed attention now. You could have seen that Aircel – Reliance comm merger was failed, and as a result of piling losses Tata and Reliance comm set to exit mobile telephonE business and a lot of issues are going

English Language

English Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 236 – November 14th, 2017

1. Contagion Class : Noun Meaning : the communication of disease from one person to another by close contact.. Synonyms: contamination, illness Antonyms : remedy, treatment Example Sentences To talk about an epidemic of obesity is like talking about a plague of inactivity or a contagion of overeating. These documents give us our first clear

English Language

English Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 235 – November 13th, 2017

1. Roster Class : Noun Meaning : a list or plan showing turns of duty or leave for individuals or groups in an organization. Synonyms: list, register Antonyms : disarrange, disorder Example Sentences Once there, he found success as an art dealer and retailer and continually grew his roster of artists. Work out a roster

Current Affairs

Current affairs updates for November 1st Week , 2017 – General Awareness GK for IBPS, SBI, SSC Exams

BANKING 1. SIDBI revamps portal for easy credit access Wider loan options created for MSMEs   Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) has revamped its portalwww.udyamimitra.inwith enhanced features to provide easy access to credit and hand-holding services for micro small medium enterprises (MSME). SIDBI said in a statement “The portal brings transparency and competition

Current Affairs

Current affairs updates for November 08th, 2017 – General Awareness GK for IBPS, SBI, SSC Exams

1. NCR relocates to new R&D centre in Hyderabad first largest R&D facility outside its headquarters in Atlanta.   NCR Corporation, a global leader in omni-channel solutions, today launched its new state-of-the-art research and development (R&D) centre. It said “this modern R&D centre will help extend NCR’s leadership in omni-channel solutions and to create innovative

English Language

English Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 234 – November 08th, 2017

1. Dampen Class : Verb Meaning : make less strong or intense.. Synonyms: depress, discourage Antonyms : encourage, stimulate Example Sentences It is possible they could dampen down the rocketing prices of real estate. Rain helping to dampen the fire that was raging out of control there last week. 2. Engulfing Class : Verb Meaning

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