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Demography of India – Population of India

­­India Position & Population Statistics  The Indian subcontinent located in the South Asia, North of Equator has the 2nd largest arable land. India occupies 7th…

Ancient Indian Architecture – Part 01

Ancient Indian Architecture Indian architecture is as old as the history of the civilization. The earliest remains of recognizable building activity in the India dates…

Fundamental rights in the Indian Constitution

What are fundamental rights? Fundamental Rights are the basic rights of the people. Some universally recognized rights that are seen as fundamental, i.e., contained in…
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Rivers of India

Learn India’s longest rivers graphically. Remembering visuals is easier.

Manohar Veera

Co-Founder, Exambin

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Revolt of 1857

Learn the historic revolt in just about 10 minutes. No memory skills needed. 

Shekfarith U

CMO, Exambin