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Post Interview Thank You Letter – Explanation and Sample Letter Download

It is strongly recommended to send a thank you letter promptly after each interview. This can reinforce or leave a favorable impression on an employer, especially because so few candidates take the time to send them. Given that some employers may be making interview or hiring decisions in a relatively short time-frame, you may wish

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Interview Confirmation Letter – Explanation and Sample Letter Download

Once your application has been screened by an employer, you may be granted an opportunity to interview with the organization. This interview could be a site visit, a telephone interview, or on-campus interview. If time permits, you may wish to confirm the arrangements made for the interview. This demonstrates to a prospective employer that you

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Pre – Interview and Pre – Screening Letter – Explanation and Sample Letter Download

An opportunity might arise where it is necessary to write a letter to an on-campus recruiter or job fair employer in order to secure an interview. Similar to a letter of application, the purpose of the letter is to highlight your qualifications and career interests to the employer. Explain your purpose is to request an

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Letter of Application – Explanation and Sample Letter Download

Be sure to introduce yourself, the position for which you are applying and identify the source that listed or advertised the position opening. If you were referred to the position by a specific individual, make note of that in your letter. The letter should be addressed specifically to the person (by name and title) who

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Letter of Inquiry – Explanation and Sample Letter Download

During your job search, you might encounter times when you are in need of information about an organization, a specific position or geographic location. In this case, you would write a letter of inquiry. In the letter, you request the information needed. A letter of inquiry is sent by itself. Your resume should not be

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