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General Knowledge

The Schools of Art in Ancient India | Art Schools in Ancient India – Gandhara, Mathura, Amaravati

  The Buddhism spread greatly during the first and second centuries, had spurred a renewed artistic passionate to illustrate the enlightened message of Buddhism. During this prolific time emerged three main “schools” in India that had developed their own particular styles and distinctions. These were the Gandhara, Mathura, and Amaravati schools. Gandhara School Period, Place

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General Awareness

Ease of Doing Business in India – World Bank Report on Ease of Doing Business 2018

Ease of Doing Business in India – World Bank Report on Ease of Doing Business 2018 The cut off date for preparing the Report is June 1. So obviously the rankings not accounted GST phenomenon which is regarded as one of the major reforms in financial sector in India in recent times. India jumped 30

Article 35A
General Awareness

Article 35A – 4 Important Facts that you should know

WHAT IS ARTICLE 35A? Article 35A of the constitution empowers J&K legislature to define state’s “permanent residents” and their special rights and privileges. It was added to the constitution through a presidential order of 1954 with the then J&K government’s concurrence   WHAT IS ITS SIGNIFICANCE TO J&K? * Through 1927 and 1932 notifications, Dogra

5 takeaways FROM India – Japan Summit.
General Awareness

Five major takeaways from the India – Japan Summit.

The just-concluded 12th India-Japan annual summit was Narendra Modi and Shinzo Abe’s fourth consecutive meet. The two leading Asian powers whose bilateral interplay is among the most happening engagements on the world stage has a direct impact on the Asian giant and a near-superpower: China. Here are five major takeaways from the summit: 1. DEFENCE:

9QuestionsAnsweredDOKLAM STAND OFF
General Awareness

Doklam Stand off comes to an End – 9 takeaways from THE HINDU Editorial

What is the news? The separate announcements by India and China that the Doklam military stand-off has ended are a welcome sign that diplomacy has prevailed over the harsh rhetoric of the past 10 weeks. What is India’s Stand? The measured tone of the statement from New Delhi, referring to the “expeditious disengagement (prompt detachment) of border

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General Awareness

Recapitalisation & Financial Sector Reforms | Banking Awareness Series

Hello friends, Welcome back to Exambin’s Financial learning series. In this session we are going to know about the recapitalisation in financial sector and why it is needed at this time. Why recapitalisation is in news? RBI Governor has recently spoken about Recapitalisation of banks needs to be done with a clear and structured foresight.

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Current Affairs

Triple Talaq and Supreme Court Judgement | Current affairs updates

TRIPLE TALAQ SUPREME COURT JUDGEMENT The controversial Muslim divorce law Triple talaq that allows men to leave their wives immediately by uttering the word “talaq” (divorce) three times, has been banned by the Supreme Court, which today called it illegal, retrograde that is backward and unworthy. A panel of five judges said that triple talaq

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