Shortcuts for Ratio and Proportion – 1

Shortcut 1: Direct proportion [latex]\frac{a1}{a2}=\frac{b1}{b2}[/latex] Question: Ratio between salary of Vijay and Badri is 2:3. If salary of Vijay is Rs. 1000, what is the salary of Badri? Answer: Assume a1 : a2 = 2 : 3 b1 = Vijay’ salary = 1000 b2 = Badri’s salary So, 2 : 3 = 1000 : b2 2/3 = 1000/b2   b2 …

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SBI PO Salary

State Bank of India (SBI PO) is not only the biggest bank in India, It is also the bank which pays the highest salary when it comes to a Probationary Officer. Starting CTC of a PO joining SBI will be around Rs.8.00 Lacs per annum. This includes leased accommodation of Rs.20,000/- on metro cities. WHY …

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