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List of Important awards and their fields in India : Awards Fields Nobel prize Peace, Literature, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Medical science Grammy Awards Music Man...

Aptitude Shortcuts

Base method of multiplication

Base method of multiplication 1 st of all question is, why it is called base method. In Vedic mathematics there is a saying in Sanskrit,...

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Name of Bank and it’s taglines

Exambin presents the list of Public sector banks in India along with their taglines.In addition to this we have also mentioned the proposed merger of...

Aptitude Shortcuts

Cube roots of perfect cubes

[mathjax] Basic Cube Values 1st of all we need to remember the cubes of number ranging from 1 to 10. Below the cubes of this...

Aptitude Shortcuts

Shortcuts for Ratio and Proportion – 1

Shortcut 1: Direct proportion [latex]\frac{a1}{a2}=\frac{b1}{b2}[/latex] Question: Ratio between salary of Vijay and Badri is 2:3. If salary of Vijay is Rs. 1000, what is the salary of Badri?...

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APJ Abdul Kalam – Quiz

Today is the first anniversary of Our Former President, Dr. Abdul Kalam, who is also a world renowned scientist. He is immensely modest, soft-spoken, very...