Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 207 – September 25, 2017

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1. Nuance

Class : Noun
Meaning : a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound..

Synonyms: shade, distinction
Antonyms : accord, blatancy

Example Sentences

  • The new animation done specifically for this release captures every nuance of the series.
  • There is no nuance to her character, no secret artistic passion or deep personal pain.

2. Circumvent

Class : Verb
Meaning : find a way around (an obstacle)..

Synonyms: evade, avoid
Antonyms : confront, allow

Example Sentences

  • I hope I can circumvent the barriers I may have previously erected around my heart.
  • it was always possible to circumvent the regulations

3. Lacklustre

Class : Adjective
Meaning : lacking in vitality, force, or conviction; uninspired or uninspiring..

Synonyms: dull, boring
Antonyms : romantic, bright

Example Sentences

  • The scholarship is substantial, but the writing is a bit dull and lackluster .
  • Instead of the normal, clear bright eyes that she had engraved in her mind, these eyes were bloodshot and lackluster .

4. Sluggish

Class : Adjective
Meaning : slow-moving or inactive.

Synonyms: slow, inactive
Antonyms : fast, active

Example Sentences

  • China’s stock market is the only one on the rise amid the sluggish global economy.
  • The Fed is predicted to respond to the more sluggish economy by lowering rates.

5. Vested

Class : Adjective
Meaning : secured in the possession of or assigned to a person.

Synonyms: dressed, established
Antonyms : divested, conditional

Example Sentences

  • The vested authority is an expression of community decision-making.
  • The economic and legal effect of promised future income is the same as vested current income.

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