Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 208 – September 26, 2017

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1. Pander

Class : Verb
Meaning : habit or a person with such a desire.

Synonyms: gratify, indulge
Antonyms : refuse, deny

Example Sentences

  • But of course he was writing to satisfy his literary muse, not to pander to the base tastes of his public.
  • They have been replaced by a blackcurrant variety to pander to tastes beyond the county.

2. Embodied

Class : Verb
Meaning : be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling)..

Synonyms: include, incorporate
Antonyms : exclude, disintegrate

Example Sentences

  • We want figures who embody our feelings, represent a wise assimilation and a thoughtful new political response.
  • This idea embodies low expectations about economic development.

3. Assiduously

Class : Adjective
Meaning : showing great care and perseverance.

Synonyms: careful, attentive
Antonyms : lazy, idle

Example Sentences

  • He was assiduous in his support for the subject.
  • The manager has the right to expect that his workers will be careful and assiduous .

4. Ambiguity

Class : Noun
Meaning : uncertainty or inexactness of meaning in language..

Synonyms: obscurity, confusion
Antonyms : clarity, certainty

Example Sentences

  • But, typically, there is another dimension to the painting, another ambiguity .
  • There’s very little ambiguity to the whole thing; it’s all spelled out right there.

5. Plunge

Class : Verb
Meaning : jump or dive quickly and energetically.

Synonyms: dive, drop
Antonyms : rise, increase

Example Sentences

  • the central bank declared a 76% plunge in its profits
  • Before she could make the final plunge , though, she heard someone behind her.

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