Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 209 – September 28, 2017

1. Consent

Class : Noun
Meaning : permission for something to happen or agreement to do something..

Synonyms: agree, accept
Antonyms : disagree, refuse

Example Sentences

  • Claims can be settled via mutual consent , by arbitration or by a court award.
  • There will be orders in accordance with the signed consent of the parties.

2. Comprehend

Class : Verb
Meaning : grasp mentally; understand.

Synonyms: understand, perceive
Antonyms : misunderstand, misinterpret

Example Sentences

  • My friends and neighbours know I’m a cop, but they simply cannot comprehend what we’re dealing with.
  • She understood and comprehended everything the instant it was exposed to her.

3. Platitudinous

Class : Adjective
Meaning : used too often to be interesting or thoughtful; hackneyed..

Synonyms: corny, overused
Antonyms : original, Useless

Example Sentences

  • The whole speech was platitudinous nonsense.
  • He was both too honest and too fond of Freeborn to make comforting and platitudinous promises.

4. Insinuate

Class : Verb
Meaning : suggest or hint (something bad or reprehensible) in an indirect and unpleasant way..

Synonyms: hint, suggest
Antonyms : conceal, declare

Example Sentences

  • the bugs insinuate themselves between one’s skin and clothes
  • Musicians have the gift of melody, they can insinuate something into the culture.

5. Inherent

Class : Adjective
Meaning : existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute..

Synonyms: intrinsic, natural
Antonyms : extrinsic, superficial

Example Sentences

  • It does not indicate that the court has an inherent power to enlarge a statutory time limit.
  • I have always been conscious of the inherent dangers to our natural world from our industry.

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