English Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 251 – December 16th, 2017

1. Floundered

Class : Verb
Meaning : struggle or stagger helplessly or clumsily in water or mud..

Synonyms: stumble, struggle
Antonyms : succeed, grow

Example Sentences

  • Some component firms prospered but many more specialist car component enterprises floundered .
  • If the deer had floundered , she’d have gone into the water herself.

2. Botch

Class : Verb
Meaning : carry out (a task) badly or carelessly.

Synonyms: screw up, mess up
Antonyms : success, achieve

Example Sentences

  • I’ve probably made a botch of things
  • All his enemies somehow must botch their attempts to kill him.

3. Yearning

Class : Noun
Meaning : a feeling of intense longing for something.

Synonyms: longing, desire
Antonyms : dislike, apathy

Example Sentences

  • But then he wants a car with a powerful engine and the yearning returns.
  • He had something of a hungry, yearning look to his face.

4. Introspect

Class : Verb
Meaning : examine one’s own thoughts or feelings.

Synonyms: consider, contemplate
Antonyms : extravert, friendly

Example Sentences

  • The potentially spiritual human being introspects and detects no inner spiritual fire.
  • They must introspect more about the quality of their law enforcement work.

5. Ragtag

Class : Noun
Meaning : a group of people perceived as disreputable or undesirable.

Synonyms: rabble, disrepute
Antonyms : esteem, honor

Example Sentences

  • Our little ragtag bunch of kids made my friend’s party a success by creating a fun experience.
  • As our ragtag troupe passed the cafeteria in the West Mall Centre we chanced upon a stack of trays.

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