English Daily Vocabulary from THE HINDU – Episode 252 – January 02nd, 2018

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1. Perhaps

Class : adverb
Meaning : used to express uncertainty or possibility.

Synonyms: Maybe, Possibly
Antonyms : Necessarily, Definitely

Example Sentences

  • She suggested to him that perhaps it would be wise if he left by the back door.
  • They suggested that one of the stories could perhaps be expanded to become a novel.

2. Unanimously

Class : adverb
Meaning : without opposition; with the agreement of all people involved.

Synonyms: Concurrently, Collectively
Antonyms : Closely, Densely

Example Sentences

  • The fresh round of economic sanctions imposed unanimously by the UN Security Council
  • A bipartisan law passed unanimously by Congress

3. Disarmament

Class : noun
Meaning : the reduction or withdrawal of military forces and weapons.

Synonyms: Disarming, Freeze
Antonyms : Arming, Conflict

Example Sentences

  • It is the most militarized, the most in need of disarmament , the most in need of nonviolence.
  • Nuclear disarmament must be forced back onto the political agenda.

4. Imbroglio

Class : noun
Meaning : an extremely confused, complicated, or embarrassing situation.

Synonyms: Mess, Confusion
Antonyms : Agreement, Ssolution

Example Sentences

  • That’s my prediction for the whole imbroglio waiting to unfold.
  • The outcome of the seat-sharing imbroglio was like an anti-climax in a Bollywood flop.

5. Scathing

Class : adjective
Meaning : harm; injure.

Synonyms: Harsh, Mordant
Antonyms : Gentle, Humble

Example Sentences

  • The book was a scathing attack on the media establishment.
  • His actions and decisions have also brought scathing criticism.

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