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SBI Clerk Salary 2016 and Perks Pay Scale Roles and Responsibilities of Clerk (Junior Associate) & Job Profile


Population above 45 lakhs Population above 12 lakhs Others
Basic Pay 11765.00 11765.00 11765.00
Special Allowance 911.79 911.79 911.79
DA 4272.08 4272.08 4272.08
CCA 0.00 0.00 0.00
Transport Allowance 425.00 425.00 425.00
Total (without HRA) 17373.86 17373.86 17373.86
HRA 1176.50 1058.85 882.38
Gross with HRA 18550.36 18432.71 18256.24


Almost all public sector banks

 place the clerks  in the following scale at the 1st stage of the grade :-

Rs. 11765 – (655×3) – 13730 – (815×3) – 16175 – (980×4) – 20095 – (1145×7) – 28110 – (2120×1) – 30230 – (1310×1) – 31540

(the figures in the brackets indicate the annual increment and the number of stages for which the same is applicable).
Thus, the initial Basic Pay of a clerk will be Rs.11765/-


What are other major allowances payable on monthly basis as part of the SBI Clerk Salary ?

In addition to Basic Pay, clerks in banks  are eligible for the following allowances :-

  1. a) Dearness Allowance (DA) :  DA in banks is revised on quarterly basis (i.e. in the months of February, May, August and November) based on the CPI as declared by Government of India.  The current DA (for the month of May 2015;  June 2015, July 2015 has been fixed at 33.70% of the Basic Pay).   DA can go up with higher inflation and also come down if the inflation rate is in negative.
  1. b) Special Allowance: This has been added in 10th BPS (wef 01/11/2012) for clerks it 7.75% on which DA is also payable
  1. c) HRA: This depends on the place of posting and it can be either 10% or 9% or 7.5% depending on the place of posting.

What is the total salary or emoluments of a newly recruited clerk in a bank ?

The above indicates that the total salary of a SBI Clerk Salary on joining at a metro station will be around Rs.18,550/.   However, the total salary of a clerk who has to join in rural area will be about Rs.18250/-.   In addition to this, you can also be paid certain allowances which are specific to the job you have been allocated viz. Cashier or CTO (approximately Rs.1200/-)

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