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ancient history for upsc

Physical Geography

The origin of the Earth – II, Biological evolution, Origin and Evolution of Man

Biological Evolution The essence of Darwinian Theory about evolution is natural selection. The rate of appearance of new forms is linked to the life cycle or the life span. Microbes that divide fast have the ability to multiply and become millions of individuals within hours. A colony of bacteria (Type A) growing on a given medium

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Indian History

Mahajanapadas – Ancient Indian History

   Mahajanapadas Budhhist literature AnguttaraNikaya gives a list of 16 great kingdoms or Mahajanapadas in the begining of 6th century B.C. Major reason of the formation of Janapadas was use of Iron tools for agricultural & military purposes. Over a period of time small or weak kingdoms either submitted to stronger rulers or got eliminated. Finally

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Indian History

Cave Architecture – Ancient Indian Architecture – Part 02

Cave Architecture The cave architecture in India is believed to have begun during the ancient time. These caves were used by Buddhist and Jain monks as places of worship and residence. Initially the caves were excavated in the western India. Some examples of cave architecture structure are Chaityas and Viharas of Buddhists. The great cave

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