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Mughal Empire in India – Akbar – Babur – Shah Jahan

Mughal Empire   From the latter half of the 16th century Mughal’s expanded their kingdom from Agra and Delhi. By17th century they controlled nearly all of the subcontinent. They imposed structures of administration and ideas of governance that outlasted their rule, leaving a political legacy that succeeding rulers of the subcontinent could not ignore. Babur

Indian History

Buddhism and Jainism – Part 2 Jainism – ancient history of india l jainism upsc

JAINISM The origin of Jainism is surrounded anonymity. The name of Rishabha and Arishtanemi are found in Rig-Veda and it is also found in Vishnupurana and Bhagvatpurana. These indicate that Jainism is as old as Vedic religion. Jainism is the outcome of the teachings of twenty four Tirthankaras. Origin of Jainism: • There were 24

Indian History

The Anglo Mysore Wars I British Conquest of Mysore

The Conquest of Mysore: British expansion of Power in Mysore : Haider Ali started his career as a soldier in the Mysore state, where he later became the Faujdar of Dindigul. With the help of the French he was able to establish a modern arsenal in Dindigul. And in 1761, Haider Ali overthrew the Nanjaraja,

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Indian History

Carnatic Wars- The fall of French and Rise of English in India | Modern Indian History

The Carnatic Wars were fought between the English and the French on the Indian soil for supremacy. These wars were fought to decide the rivalry between the English and the French and were directly connected with their rivalry in Europe. These were really part of the great Anglo-French wars of the eighteenth century and are

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